SO HERE WE GO! I haven’t taken commissions in a very long time, so I hope my rustiness can be pardoned! 

* ART!

[ chibis ] 3$


[headshots with simple background/no background ] 5$


[waist-up with simple background/no background] 15$


* Additional characters are 5$ more to the original price! (1$ for chibi characters)

( If there any other things that suit your interest (sketches, flat-shaded, etc.) (icons [x] sprites [x] or digital paintings [x][x] I am up for creating and negotiating prices! I aim to please what you’d like to see and pay for out of my art! If there’s something you don’t see listed or your interested in somethin’ else, check out my art tag♥ )




I can only accept payment from PayPal at the moment! I have always had the policy that I will give you a rough sketch/idea of what I am doing BEFORE you pay. That way, you are not dissatisfied with the final product. After making any edits and changes, I’ll request full payment!



I will draw almost anything I believe I can be capable of fulfilling. Though to portray what you’d like properly, I will require references of your character(s), what you’d like them to be doing, or maybe even a brief description of their personality to help me along a bit. ;w; upon the commissions completion, I’ll be asking general questions (what file formats and sizes you’d prefer it in, whether or not you’d like me to post it, etc.) and definitely ask me questions if I haven’t covered anything here you’d like to know! 

If you’re interested in commissioning me, send me an email at or an tumblr ask! AND THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AND CONSIDERING!! THIS MEANS A LOT TO ME


I. [atheris-nitsche] [waist-up] [complete]

II. [cirquescape] [waist-up] [complete]

III. [undead-potatoes] [waist-up] [complete]

IV. [mequiadore] [waist-up] [complete]

V. [loganthackeray] [waist-up] [complete]

VI. [zojja] [waist-up] [complete]

VII. [fourleaffaun] [waist-up] [sketched/ paid]

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